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How to Care for Your Skin After Facial Threading

Are you considering full face threading? You might be feeling slightly nervous about the effect it may have on your skin? Rest assured, that if you visit a salon professional that you trust, you’re extremely unlikely to have any resulting irritation. It does happen but it's easily remedied. However, the proper aftercare is vital to ensure no irritation or pesky breakouts post-threading. This is especially essential for those getting their full face threaded, or for those whose skin is naturally on the sensitive side. Below are some of our top tips on how best to care for your freshly threaded skin: 

  1. If possible, arrive to all threading appointments free of makeup and cosmetics for a thorough threading experience. Threading can open the pores on the surface of your skin, the working thread will run along the skin collecting the makeup/hairs thus distributing it around the open pores. This inevitably will contribute to irritation to the skin post threading. Prevention is better than cure. Once your treatment is over you can seal the pores with cool water, rose water, aloe Vera or something suitable for your skin type. Within a few hours you can wear that war paint with pride.
  2. Following treatment most importantly, steer clear of touching your face! You need to refrain from touching the threaded area for at least the first 24 hours. Your skin will be particularly sensitive and prone to irritation at this time. You also risk spreading bacteria from your fingers into your open pores, which could result in breakouts. Try and keep yourself occupied with something that keeps your hands busy elsewhere!
  3. Avoid sun exposure the first couple of days after threading. If you do need to go out into the sunlight, apply a good facial sunscreen lotion than usual to keep your skin thoroughly protected.
  4. Exfoliation will have to wait. Do not use any exfoliating treatments on the threaded area on the first day. It would be too harsh on your skin at this time. Use mild products and a gentle touch to cleanse the face instead. The same applies to tan applications. Allow enough time 24 to 48 hours before application. 
  5. Your salon professional may apply some mild pore sealer to the threaded area once done, to help calm and soothe the skin. Expect the skin to look slightly pink or red for a little while after. However, if your skin still looks red or feels irritated after an hour or so, you can apply ice cubes or a cold compress to soothe the area. We’d also highly recommend lightly applying rosewater and aloe vera for their calming benefits. Ask your threading artist for recommendations. 
  6. Avoid applying any perfumed products or products laden with chemicals in them for at least 12 hours. Any skin care products used during this period should be as mild and natural as possible. Wash your face using a gentle antibacterial soap, and cleanse using micellar water suitable for sensitive skin.
  7. Spa appointments will need to be scheduled in for another day! You should avoid any steam facials or heat treatments. Refrain from taking a hot and steamy baths or shower for at least two hours following treatment. 
  8. If you are planning on bleaching your face, we would recommend that you wait at least two days between threading and bleaching. Having the two treatments in quick succession could result in irritation or redness and irreparable skin damage. 

If you follow these simple steps during the first couple of days, you’re on your way to a smooth and hair free face for at least 4-6 weeks. Enjoy the results!

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