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Eye Lash Extension Aftercare

So now you’ve had your eyelash extensions applied. Congratulations!  Here are a few pointers to help you on your new fabulash journey.  This is what you need in order to ensure you follow the necessary advice to keep them looking fresh and make them last as long as possible. Below are a few useful tips which will help you care for your eyelash extensions at home confidently on leaving the salon.

  1. Choose a lash extension professional you trust and don't be afraid to ask to look at their work or portfolio. Word of mouth and recommendations are always a good start. 
  2. Meet with your chosen professional and allow enough time for your consultation before making your appointment to ask any questions you may have. Sleep on it before you make the decision to go ahead. 
  3. Arrive in plenty of time for your appointment calm and collected for your lash experience. It's relaxing. It's important to stay awake throughout the treatment.
  4. Inspect the lashes thoroughly before you leave the salon to be certain you are happy. 
  5. Keep your aftercare close to hand to ensure a full and happy lash extension life. 
  6. Be very gentle with your eyelash extensions throughout. Do not pull at or rub your eyes too vigorously, especially they've just been applied. If you need to dry them after washing/showering, you can either blot dry them with a paper towel/tissue or allow them to air dry naturally.
  7. Avoid lash lines (top and bottom) when applying any facial or eye creams. This is because the adhesive bond of your extensions can be broken down by using oil based products. This will affect the look and structure of the extensions; it will also decrease the lashes lifespan. It is advisable you use an oil-free eye makeup remover. Use a cotton bud when removing eye makeup near the lash line for precise but gentle makeup removal.
  8. Mascara is unnecessary once you have applied your lash extensions. If you do please ensure it is not oil based, and apply it only to the tips. Waterproof mascaras should be avoided completely. Speak to your professional before application. 
  9. Please refrain from getting your eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 to 72 hours following application.  Avoid hot/steamy baths/showers/spa/sauna/steam rooms and swimming baths for the initial 24 to 72 hours. Your lashes will be bonding naturally to your own lashes during this time. Failure to comply will only damage the extensions and the bond will not hold as well. Reducing the Lash extensions life. 
  10. Eyelash extensions do not require tinting nor perming.  The shade, depth, length, width and curl degree of the lash extensions will already have these qualities prior to application and throughout its duration.  You will have already decided the type of lash extension you would like at your consultation before application commences. This will also save you having to apply any additional services and costs. 
  11. Eyelash curlers are not necessary. The type and curl of the lash extension will be decided at your consultation prior to application. If you decide to use curlers on your lash extensions, they are very likely to become damaged and will change in structure affecting its definition and shorten the lifespan.
  12. When the time comes to remove, or replenish your eyelash extensions, please visit the salon to have them professionally removed or reapplied. This generally takes place every 3-5 weeks. Should you decide to remove them yourself at home removal, you run the risk of permanently damaging or pulling out some of your natural lashes.  Choose a professional who you trust for application, removal or replenishment and stick to them no pun intended!

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