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Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting: Everything You Need to Know

If you've dreamt about thicker and more well-defined brows or craved more voluminous lashes, you may already be considering having them tinted. If not, it's time! Here, we've got the lowdown on all you need to know about tinting…

First of all, why get them tinted in the first place? Let’s start with the lashes. Simply, imagine not needing mascara again! Tinting your eyelashes adds depth and darkens the colour of your lashes, without the need for mascara application. Not only does this save you precious time during your daily makeup routine, you will wake up looking like you already have mascara on. Over application of mascara can often result in a clumpy lash, whilst tinting gives a more natural look. As the day progresses, excess mascara can annoyingly bleed into your under-eye area, resulting in the dreaded 'panda' look, and worsening any under eye dark circles. We all also know mascara removal can be one the most tiresome steps in our cleansing routine. Even after stringent removal, you may often still awake with stubborn traces of hard to remove mascara around your eyes. Once your lashes are tinted, this is no longer an issue. Sports enthusiasts, take note: tinted lashes are water resistant and do not smudge when working out. 

When it comes to your eyebrows; structured and defined brows have been the norm for some time now. All we need to do is compare pictures with and without our brows tinted and filled to see how they impact the overall look. Stronger brows help frame your face and make your features appear symmetrical. For those of us with finer/ sparse eyebrows, there are a plethora of makeup items available to help them look thicker. Speak to your brow professional to see what suits you best. Skipping the brow filling stage also counteracts the usual mistake that many of us make by under or overfilling. For those of us with fading hair in their brows, we strongly recommend tinting. Plucking out your grey hairs can leave your eyebrows looking further sparse and patchy. The whole purpose of tinting is to utilise the soft hair growth around the brows and lashes and incorporate them to make them appear fuller, thicker, healthier, even toned and certainly naturally defined. 

So, what exactly does the process of tinting involve? With eyelash tinting, your lashes will be dyed using safe tints to give them a natural but darker appearance. A barrier cream/gels will be placed around your eyelids to keep them safe, and the dye will then be applied to upper and lower lashes. This is left on the lashes for approximately 3-10 minutes to allow the tint to take to the individual hairs. Once the tint has taken it is gently wiped away with clean cool water with cotton pads and buds. There is an array of shades available to compliment your skin and hair. Your salon professional will assist you in selecting the right tone suitable for you. The entire process only takes around 15 minutes, and the results can last anything from 2 to 4 weeks.

Similarly, eyebrow tinting is a quick procedure. Your salon professional will start by rubbing petroleum jelly on the area around your brows, to ensure that the dye doesn’t stain the skin in this area. The tint will then be gently applied into your eyebrows, left to develop between 3-5 minutes. Again, once the dye has taken to the hairs adequately the tint is gently removed. The results can last anything from 2 to 4/5 weeks.

Aftercare is important to prevent your tints from fading over time. We'd recommend that you avoid using oil-based cleansers and creams, which inevitably dissolve your tints faster. 

A standard tint is used in most salons, however, a patch test at least 24/72 prior to booking your appointment is highly recommended. The skin test takes just a few seconds but it safe guards both you as the client and the professional delivering the service. 

Happy tinting, you'll wonder how you got through life without it!

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