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The benefits of threading vs. waxing your eyebrows

When looking to get your eyebrows professionally shaped, you may be deliberating on whether to have them waxed or threaded. Currently, waxing is the most widely known hair removal method. Many women regularly wax other parts of their body. However, threading is becoming increasingly popular as a facial hair removal technique.

Provided this is done correctly. This is what I would recommend to all clients for the eyebrow area, particularly for those seeking to reshape their brows to flatter their face shape. Here are six of the reasons why you may consider threading your eyebrows rather than waxing them: 

  1. The effects of threading last longer. With threading, you will find the regrowth of hair is slower than with waxing. This means that you won't need to have them done as often. Depending on your hair type and growth, the results of threading can last between 3 and 4 weeks.
  2. Precise shaping. It is easier for your eyebrows to be shaped perfectly, as threading is precise. The possibility of mistakes lessens particularly around the delicate eyebrow area at the hands of a threading professional. 
  3. Threading gives a cleaner look. Several hairs are removed from the root using special threading cotton simultaneously, rather than with waxing where it is pulled out in batches. Waxing can also prematurely age and pucker the delicate skin. Threading is also effective at removing shorter hairs, which waxing can tend to leave behind.
  4. Essential for sensitive skin especially around the eye/lip area. Waxing tends to stretch and pull at the skin as well as the hair, so it is not so great for sensitive and delicate skin we have around our eyes.
  5. Threading does not result in ingrown hairs. The one gripe that women often have with waxing their bodies is that it can result in those annoying ingrown hairs. With threading, you need not have any such concern. It is a natural earthy approach and has worked perfectly well since the time of the Pharaohs. 
  6. It's chemical free. Some waxes may contain harsh chemicals, which ultimately cause skin reactions, particularly on sensitive skin. With threading, the only tools required is pure cotton thread and threading experts with a practised hand who are perfectly capable in their field. 

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