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Tinting of Brows and Lashes Natural Hollywood Lash Extensions Indian Head Massage

You will be warmly welcomed and ensured a calm and relaxing environment every visit - at Binni's you'll receive the VIP treatment you so deserve!

It is strongly advisable that you pre-book your appointments so as not to be disappointed.

Meet Binni

We know it's the little touches that mean the most. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations so that your experience is highly enjoyable.

Binni has travelled extensively over the course of her career and is qualified as a Grand Master Threader, having studied the art for many years in the U.K. and India. Binni's client base is extensive - ranging from Models, Actors & Musicians to people like you and me from all over the world.


Communion, Confirmation, Debs and Wedding Packages are also available to suit your requirements. Gift vouchers are also available - ask in-store for details.

& Hair Removal

Binni is one of the finest
threading specialists in Dublin

Tinting of
Brows and Lashes

Patch testing a minimum
of 24 h prior to appointment

Natural Hollywood
Lash Extensions

Application takes between
50 mins to 1hour 15 mins

Indian Head

With optional 5 minute
relaxing meditation

Customer Testimonials

Lucy Murphy

I highly recommend Binni, she is a consummate professional. I have gone to Binni for years, she never lets her standards slip.

Trasa Broderick

This is the best threading experience I have ever had! I have never been as happy as I was with Binni. I cannot recommend her enough!

Stefania Wodkiewicz

Brows always on point! Thank You!

Sue O'Rourke

Best place for eyebrows. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

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12 James' Terrace Malahide, Dublin

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Sun Closed Mon Closed (except during December) Tues 10.35 - 18.00 Wed 10.35 - 18.00 Thurs 10.35 - 20.00 Fri 10.35 - 18.00 Sat 10.35 - 18.00

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